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June 18 SBA Issues New Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness Applications and Forgiveness Guidance
Article Written by Baker Donelson Partners



Coronavirus (COVID-19): What You Need To Know
Resources for legal guidance and information about the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

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May 19 – SBA Issues Initial PPP Loan Forgiveness Application
Provided by Baker Donelson

May 5 – COVID-19 – Important Considerations for Companies Returning to Work
Guide to reopening provided by Baker Donelson

April 2020 Articles

April 29 –Increased Scrutiny of Paycheck Protection Program Loans Coming

April 17 – OSHA’s Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

April 14 – Forgive and Forget? Important Practical Advice from Borrowers Receiving a PPP Loan and Seeking Forgiveness

April 7 – Cybersecurity Concerns When Considering Furloughs

April 6 – SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program Additional Guidance

April 5 – Summary of Key Points from SBA’s April 3 Additional Guidance for Affiliation Rules Under the Paycheck Protection Program

April 3 – CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program Applications Now Available: Guidance for Lenders and Borrowers

April 2 – The DOL issued new guidance for small businesses (businesses with less than 50 employees) to limit their obligations under the new paid leave laws. Below is an excerpt:

Small Business Exemption.  Small businesses can now claim an exemption from the requirement that they provide paid leave for COVID-19 related child care (i.e., an employee who has a minor child home from school or day care due to closure related to COVID-19) by determining that it would jeopardize the business’s viability. 

Prepare Opinion Letter. The DOL recommends that a small business claiming this exemption prepare an opinion letter with a specific explanations and examples showing how it would be jeopardized. The opinion letter should not be submitted to the DOL, but should be kept on file and available for production if the DOL or state department of labor requests it.

Post FMLA Exemption Notice to Employees. The DOL has also explained that even if you decide to claim the exemption, your business is still required under the FMLA to post and distribute a notice to employees. The application of the FMLA is certainly new to small businesses, but the law requires that all covered employers post and distribute FMLA notices to employees. That post and notice should explain why employees (who otherwise would be eligible for the emergency FMLA leave) are exempt.

Two Weeks Paid Sick Leave Still Must Be Provided. The DOL guidance also made clear that small businesses are still required to provide up to two weeks of emergency paid sick leave.

April 1 – New forms and guidance issued by the IRS on claiming credits for emergency sick and FMLA paid leave benefits paid to employees under the Families First Coronavirus Act. CLICK HERE to download guidance notes from the IRS.



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May 28 – Develop a Well-Rounded Return to Work Plan
Presented by Baker Donelson

May 26 –What You Need To Know: Forgiveness and the Paycheck Protection Program
Presented by Baker Donelson

April 29 – Return to Work Protocol – What Employers Need to Know About Returning Their Employees to Work from the Covid-19 Shutdowns and Disruptions
Presented by Baker Donelson

April 22 Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness FAQs video
Presented by the MCAA CPA team at Meadows, Urquhart, Acree & Cook, LLP

April 10 –  Understanding Employer Rights and Obligations Under the New DOL Regulations on Paid COVID-19 Leave
Presented by the Legal Team at Baker Donelson

April 7 – Preparing for the Business Impact of COVID-19
Presented by: Wharton Professor Mauro Guillén

Among the many unknowns of COVID-19, are the economic impacts and business dynamics — both positive and negative — that will result from the turmoil. Wharton Professor Mauro Guillén, leading expert on globalization, market trends, and how companies compete in the global marketplace, presented a livecast event and discussed:

  • Preparedness: How do companies prepare for, and survive, pandemics
  • Economic impact: What are the short- and long-term ramifications and opportunities that may result
  • Recovery: When does recovery begin and what does turnaround look likeView Recording Here

(COVID-19): What Your Business Should Do Right Now– March 11
Presented by the Legal Team at Baker Donelson

This webinar will explain how you can safeguard your business from the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, including:

  • COVID-19 medical facts, including risks, prevention, treatment and exposure
  • Employer perspective about the rights of employers and employees and business travel issues
  • Planning for a remote workforce: cybersecurity control considerations
  • Supply chain and other business transactions
  • Impact on mergers and acquisitions and financial disclosures for public companies
  • Potential insurance claims, including business interruption

What Actions Employers Should be Taking Now – March 11
Presented by the Legal Team at Baker Donelson