Interlynx has developed a portfolio of systems that drive higher levels of collaboration between manufacturers and distributors in meeting the needs of the end customer, and has grown to become the Number One provider of Sales Lead Management and POS Management Systems by all measures – number of clients, number of users, and a near perfect client retention rate. Our systems are complex yet simple, effective yet elegant.

We are transforming the way Manufacturers and Distributors work together in the marketplace by designing systems that benefit both parties! Our programs are “turn key” and we guarantee measurable sales growth for both the distributor and manufacturer.

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Interlynx has launched a completely new report suite for our Sales Lead Management systems that we think you will “go nuts” over! We have summarized all of the key metrics that measure the health of your system in one easy to understand view. And of course our it features our “signature” 95% Feedback Rate metric – 2-3x better than any other sales lead program out there. Click Here for more information.