The Measurement, Control and Automation Industry

Measurement, Control and Automation (MC&A) products and services are essential to the proper operation and profitability of the primary materials and energy producing industries. Specific benefits include improved plant throughput and productivity, enhanced worker safety, increased energy efficiency, higher process yields and waste product minimization, improved product consistency and uniformity. MC&A products and services play a key role in elevating worldwide living standards by increasing the availability and reducing the cost of basic materials and energy while insuring adherence to sound environmental practices.


The Value of Process Automation in the US

The 2017 Process Instrumentation and Automation market in the United States, valued at $13.4 Billion, is projected to grow 3.7 percent by 2022 to a total of $16 Billion.

The Measurement, Control & Automation Association (MCAA) has published its Annual Market Forecast for 2018. The report, prepared by the analysts at Global Automation Research, focuses on the Process Instrumentation and Automation (PI&A) markets in both the United States and Canada. Twelve industry segments and product categories are examined in-depth, with a forecast timeline extending to the year 2022.

Growth will be concentrated in five industries: Chemicals, electric utilities, oil refining, food & beverage, and pharmaceuticals. The cumulative market gain will be $2.7 Billion over the forecast period. The chemicals industry market gain will be the largest. The market gain of the remaining slow-growing industries will equal about $484 Million.

Around the Globe

The Global PI&A market totaled $66.4 Billion in 2017. It is expected to reach $80.4 Billion in 2022, a 5-year CAGR of 3.9 percent. Five regions, USA, Europe, China, ME Africa, and East Asia account for 77 percent of the total market value. Chemical processing and petroleum resources & refining account for slightly over 50 percent of the total market. Process control and control valves categories make up 50+ percent of the total.

Industry Overview

Measurement, Control & Automation Products

MC&A products generally fit into the following categories

  • Gas Analytical Instruments
  • Liquid Analytical Instruments
  • Pressure Instruments
  • Electronic Flowmeters
  • Mechanical Flowmeters/Primary Elements
  • Electronic Level
  • Mechanical Level/Tank Gauging
  • Temperature Instruments
  • Control Systems
  • Remote I/O
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Final Control Devices

Measurement, Control and Automation Services

  • Distributors – sales representatives
  • Process control design services
  • Advanced control services
  • Process simulation – control systems testing services
  • Control system integration services
  • Contract instrument/system maintenance services
  • Publications/training/economic analysis

MC&A products, and directly related services, represent about 85% of the aggregate MC&A revenues.

The Measurement, Control & Automation Association (MCAA)

MCAA is the principal trade association serving North American MC&A producers. The Association’s 170 plus member firms account for more than half of the U.S. MC&A product and services revenues with ten of the top fifteen producers represented in membership.  It is the North American trade association representing providers of process control, measurement instrumentation and factory automation systems and software.  The Association was formed in the 1940s and has been known historically as Recorder-Controller, Inc. as well as The Process Measurement & Control Section of SAMA.  In 1994, the organization disassociated from SAMA (the Scientific Apparatus Makers Association) and established itself as an independent not-for-profit trade association.  Its programs provide tools to both manufacturers and distributors in the areas of market trends (including bookings reports), operating benchmarks, customer satisfaction (including benchmarks against industry peers and competitors), compensation and benefits, sales training and executive education and networking. More about each of these programs can be found in this website.

Courtesy: Global Automation Research LLC, Minneapolis, MN (952-920-2660)

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