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  • Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Telephone: (041) 319-5166
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  • https://gwf.ch/en/
  • Founded 1899
  • Member Since 2020

    GWF MessSysteme AG is the leading Swiss company for measuring and metering gas, water, electricity and heat. It provides customers with trendsetting system solutions for the readout, communication and management of measuring data.

    The responsible use of natural resources begins with knowing how much we actually consume. In a world with increasing resource shortages, GWF makes a difference through its daily actions. We measure any shape of open channels, partial filled conduits, and full pipes of all sizes. Our expert hydrologists assist operators and consumers to manage difficult flow applications; and we help utility and industrial clients to manage their data flow, from the source point to utility-wide interconnected networks. GWF relies on proven technologies and innovative approaches helping you to achieve your goals. Do you want to find out more? Contact GWF – your Specialists in managing valuable resources.

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    Michael Porter, Sales North / South America
    (201) 705-4791

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