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  • Twinsburg, Ohio
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  • https://www.bakerhughes.com/reuter-stokes
  • Founded 1956
  • Member Since 2021

    Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, designs and manufactures gamma and neutron detectors for Nuclear Instrumentation in the Power industry, Radiation Monitoring, Logging While Drilling (LWD), Measuring While Drilling (MWD), and Wireline Logging applications for Oil and Gas. Additionally, Reuter-Stokes has developed flame sensors for natural gas turbines, and a variety of applications in Oil and Gas, including flares, steam methane reformers (SMR), and other furnace applications. Reuter-Stokes is a division of Baker Hughes. We are an energy technology company. We are taking energy forward – making it safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet.

    Product Lines/Applications

    • Homeland Security
    • Downhole Solutions
    • Neutron Scattering
    • Nuclear Reactor Monitoring (BWR & PWR)
    • Environmental Radiation Monitoring
    • Flame Monitoring

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