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  • Temprel, Inc.

  • Boyne City, MI
  • Telephone: 800-582-5098
  • https://www.temprel.com/
  • Founded 1968
  • Member Since 2023

    Temprel, Inc. is a manufacturer and seller of temperature sensors and related equipment including:

      • Thermocouples
      • Thermocouple Wire
      • Thermocouple Extension Harnesses
      • Standard and Mini Thermocouple Connectors
      • Thermocouple Mounting Hardware
      • Brass and Stainless Steel Compression Fittings
      • Brass Hose Couplings
      • Hose Clamp Mounts

    Our products are used in a variety of industries including Automotive Research and Development, Diesel Engine Testing, Aerospace, Boiler and Furnace Applications, Plastic Injection Molding, Gas Turbine Exhaust, Kiln Temperature Measurement, Dairy Pasteurization, and Laboratory Experiments.

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