Ives Equipment Corp.

Ives Equipment Corp.
Ives Equipment Corp.
King of Prussia PA
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia
Food, beverage and tobacco products, Paper, allied products, printing and publishing, Industrial and agricultural chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, paint and all other chemicals, Petroleum and coal products (refineries and related industries), Electrical and electronic equipment, Transportation equipment (on roads and in water), Instruments and related products, Mining of metal, coal and all nonmetallic minerals, Oil and gas extraction, Pipelines – except natural gas, Utilities (fossil, hydroelectric and other power), Nuclear power companies, Natural gas companies and distribution systems, pipelines, Water supply and irrigation, Sanitary services (waste disposal, sewage treatment, incinerators)
Precision Digital Corporation, Pyromation Inc., Siemens Industry Inc., Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co., United Electric Controls Co., WIKA USA
Additional Principals: Venture Measurement Company LLC
Territory Notes: Eastern PA, South Central NJ, Washington DC, Traditional Mid Atlantic Region