Flowmaster, Inc.

Flowmaster, Inc.
Flowmaster, Inc.
Baton Rouge LA
Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
Paper, allied products, printing and publishing, Industrial and agricultural chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, paint and all other chemicals, Petroleum and coal products (refineries and related industries), Rubber and plastics products, Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturing, Instruments and related products, Mining of metal, coal and all nonmetallic minerals, Utilities (fossil, hydroelectric and other power), Nuclear power companies, Natural gas companies and distribution systems, pipelines
Berthold Technologies USA LLC
Territory Notes: Mobile Corridor in Alabama

Additional Industry Specialization: Chemical, Petrochemical, Paper, Plastics, Alumina

Additional Principals Include: Ceresist, Crane Chempharma, Fujikin International, Meeco, OsecoElfab, Protego