M.A. Selmon Company

M.A. Selmon Company
M.A. Selmon Company
Milford CT
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont
Food, beverage and tobacco products, Paper, allied products, printing and publishing, Industrial and agricultural chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, paint and all other chemicals, Metal manufacturing – blast furnaces, foundries, smelters and steelworks, Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturing, Instruments and related products, Utilities (fossil, hydroelectric and other power), Nuclear power companies, Natural gas companies and distribution systems, pipelines, Water supply and irrigation, Sanitary services (waste disposal, sewage treatment, incinerators)
ELPRO Technologies, FLEXIM AMERICAS Corporation, Hoffer Flow Controls Inc., KOBOLD Instruments, Inc., Reotemp Instruments, Schneider Electric, VorTek Instruments
Additional Principals Include: Ametek, Perma-cal Gauge, Sage Metering