Last week I had a long posting; this one will be shorter and mostly just to say hello. We had a bit of a staff shuffle here this past week. Our former Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Knight, had some personal issues which resulted in her decision to resign her position. That left a gaping hole in our small team effort at one of our busiest times of the year! Fortunately, we found Stephanie Lamb who joined the staff this week and is already digging in to try to sort out some jumbled files. Please add to your company whitelist for emails!

Additionally, the server on which our website sits was attacked over the weekend and the site was down intermittently. Our webmaster feels the problem has been solved and new safeguards in place to prevent future intrusions but that caused a few more headaches.

We have been advised that our store would not process a payment and I tried it out myself and got a failure which I have reported to the webmaster. However, when I tried to process a payment a second time, I was successful. Maybe I cleared up the blockage with my persistence. If you have any trouble with our store, just give our office a call and we will (a) take your credit card information over the phone (don’t EVER send it in an email) and we will try to find out what the problem is with the website store and fix it!

So that’s just a little “backend” news from MCAA. We will be journeying to Charlotte, NC next week for a day-long retreat with the Board of Directors and hope to come home with some bright new ideas to get information into your hands and to move the association to the next level–bigger, in this case, does mean better!