The sales and orders trend reports are a TRUSTWORTHY and RELIABLE barometer of business activity. They are the only trend index covering manufacturers and distributors associated with the measurement, control & automation of industrial processes. Participants report data on a monthly and/or quarterly bases depending on the report. That data is then aggregated and provides BELIEVABLE benchmarks.

Manufacturing Report Video

Channel Partner Report Video

In addition to the aggregated trends for domestic and export trends (for manufacturers) and domestic and new quote trends (for channel partners), reports include:

  • Graph depiction of all trends and data points
  • Quarterly and Annual rate-of-change data to compare seasonal variation and derive the underlying cyclical trend
  • Business Cycle Analysis which provides 3-6 month projections
  • Management insights & opportunities for key industries provided by ITR Economics
  • Interactive Excel workbook for tracking your data against that of the group performance

Reports are published between the 20-25th of the month. MCAA membership and data contribution are a requirement to access the aggregated reports. 

Quarterly Products and Industry Reports Video

Quarterly Product and Industry Reports include:

  • 8 quarter trend for 55 products in 7 major categories (Product Report Only)
  • 8 quarter trend for 30 end-user industries (Industry Report Only)
  • Data reported is booked in the US or Canada for use in the US or Canada
  • Linear trend line analyzes bookings as reported and shows the rate of increase or decrease over the 8 quarter period
  • Rate-of-Change data illustrates the seasonal changes inherent to the data series and removes seasonal variation in order to derive the underlying cyclical trend
  • Business cycle analysis for each product category and industry where sufficient data is available.

Reports are published 45 days after the close of the quarter.  Companies may elect to participate in one or both reports as appropriate.  MCAA membership and data contribution are a requirement to access the aggregated reports.

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