Operating Benchmarks Report


How do your operations compare to companies in the same industry of a similar size or nature? This report can answer that question and easily be used to target aggregate averages of companies like your own.

Results provide…

  • critical information for the valuation of a business
  • information necessary for realistic strategic business planning
  • data used to set targets and goals for the corporate management team

The report is a unique source of operational benchmarks for providers of process controls, measurement and analysis instrumentation, factory automation systems and software. The report is included in MCAA membership at no charge.

Watch this brief video for details about this important industry resource.

Benchmarks Report includes:

  • Manufacturer 5-year trend & Channel Partner 3-year trend
  • 3-year growth trend for major public industry companies (based on publicly available information)
  • Manufacturing data divided into four size categories by sales volume
  • Channel Partner aggregated data reported separately
  • Numerical expression of income statement data
  • Graphic representation of financial ratios
  • Dollar Mean, Company Mean, Minimum, Maximum and Standard Deviation for Gross Profit, Expenses and Operating Income
  • Participant Excel file with graphs and aggregated data points from the report. Enter your data into the Excel file to compare your company trend to industry performance.

Next Annual Publication: June 2020

Compensation Report


MCAA’s annual report is the only source of industry-specific compensation information available. This report provides the best comparison of salaries and incentives for the positions covered. The report is open to manufacturers or distributors of instrumentation, systems or software used in industrial process control or factory automation.

The report is included in MCAA membership at no charge. However, non-members (who qualify for membership) may participate by contributing their salary data together with a $2,500 participation fee.

Compensation & Benefits Report includes:

  • Over 70 industry-defined positions in general management, field sales and service, marketing and engineering (design, manufacturing and software)
  • Base salaries, ranges, percentiles and incentives/commissions
  • Merit, general and total compensation increases plus a forecast for the coming year
  • Percentiles based upon sales volume categories
  • Geographic differences in base rates
  • Hourly wage rates for regular and temporary workers
  • Data reported in sales volume categories to enhance comparability
  • Benefits Report (published in 2018; next scheduled in 2020) updated every other year

Next Annual Publication: August 2019

For more information about membership email mcaa@themcaa.org.