Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Customer Satisfaction program helps you know what your customers are thinking so you can meet their needs now and in the future!  Our program is an efficient and cost-effective way to gain feedback from those that matter most…your customers! Not only will the results help you serve customers better, but it will also show you where you stand against your competition!

The Customer Satisfaction Survey is launched in January with results available by the end of February. Final reports include your data, along with metric comparatives to other participating companies so that you can put your customer feedback into perspective. The process is quick and easy.  Watch the video below for details.

Program Notes & Fees:

  • Survey options for both manufacturer and channel members.
  • Group Surveys launched early January and results available in February.
  • “On Demand” option – we will survey your customers on your schedule. 
  • Add 5 custom question at no additional charge.
  • Report includes two (2) report segments at no additional charge.
  • Final results include a customized report with your individual results as well as aggregated group benchmarks.  This comparison is important to see how your company stacks up against the competition.
  • Program satisfies ISO Certification requirements.

List Size                                Member Rates       Non-Member Rates

Up to 250 Customers                      $625                     $1,250
251-500 Customers                        $975                     $1,950
501-1000 Customers                    $1,450                    $2,900
1001-4000 Customers                  $1,825                    $3,650
Over 4000 Customers                   $2,450                    $4,900
Additional Segment Report          $400/ea.                 $575/ea.

Member’s Say It Best

‘The Customer Satisfaction Survey allows the customer to really give his uninhibited feedback. The most important factor is that we can compare ourselves to the industry, see how we’ve improved one year to the next and better track our goal to become known as a company with the highest level of customer satisfaction.’

Robert Senk

Director of Operations

‘The Customer Satisfaction Survey data is formatted and presented in such a manner that it is easily understood which makes it easy to share across all levels of our organization. We value the survey and especially the questions that encourage customers to write in comments, suggestions, and concerns. This program is a valuable tool which is critical to our process.’

Scott Neprud

Quality Assurance Manager

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