Through this resource, the next generation of engineers can have exposure to original terminology or diagrams relating to analog and digital equipment which is still used in many plants and factories in the industries served by MCAA members. As an Association, we believe that this historical information should be widely available even though new technologies are used today. Thus, In 2003 MCAA acquired the rights to a number of standards published by organizations formerly under the umbrella of the Scientific Apparatus Makers Association (SAMA), namely the “Recorder-Controller, Inc.” which produced standards with an “RC” prefix and its successor the “Process Measurement & Control Section” which produced standards with a PMC prefix. MCAA is the new corporate identity for these two organizations.

SAMA had taken the standards out of circulation and declared that they were out of date. That organization will no longer permit its name to be associated with the documents. MCAA felt that several of the documents offered ongoing information guidance to individuals in the process measurement and control or automation industries and hence our acquisition of the rights.

Currently the following documents are available in pdf format for download by the public. These are scanned documents, creating picture files, therefore the pdf files are frequently very large. Click on the Standard title, then save to your local computer to review and print.

A Guide for Process Measurement and Control Instrumentation Reliability Techniques (Published 1981) (1,563 Kb)

Air Pressures for Pneumatic Controllers and Transmission Systems (Published 1967) (994 Kb)

Bimetallic Thermometers (Reviewed/Revised 1973) (2,289 Kb)

Bushings and Wells for Temperature Sensing Elements (Reviewed/Revised 1973) (2,242 Kb)

Dimensions for panel and Rack Mounted Industrial Process Measurement and Control Instruments (Published 1977) (250 Kb)

Electromagnetic Susceptibility of Process Control Instrumentation (Published 1978) (452 Kb)

Filled System Thermometers (Reviewed/Revised 1973)(3,163 Kb)

Functional Diagramming of Instrument & Control Systems (Published 1981) (700 Kb)

Generic Test Methods for the Testing and Evaluation of Process Measurement and Control Instrumentation (Published 1980) (1,920 Kb)

Guidelines for Presenting Specifications of Analog Process Measurement and Control Instruments (Published 1983) (706 (Kb)

Hydrostatic Testing of Control Valves (Published 1971) (236 Kb)

Liquid in Glass Industrial Thermometers (Published 1962) (2,617 Kb)

Panel Cut-Out Dimensions (Published 1962) (120 Kb)

Pressure Safety for Pressure and Differential Pressure Process Control Devices (Published 1980) (315 Kb)

Process Instrumentation Reliability Terminology (Published 1976) (62 Kb)

Process Measurement & Control Terminology (Published 1973) (2,188 Kb)

Resistance Thermometers (Reviewed/Revised 1973) (2,431 Kb)

Temperature-EMF Relation for Iron-Constantan Thermocouples (Published 1956) (853 Kb)

Temperature Resistance Values for Resistance Thermometer Elements of Platinum, Nickel and Copper (Published 1966) (534 Kb)

Thermocouple Thermometers (Pyrometers) (Published 1963) (668 Kb)

Tubing Connection Markings for Pneumatic Instruments (Published 1963/Reconfirmed 1973) (126 Kb)

Disclaimer Statement

MCAA provides these documents as reference guides only. None of them should be relied upon or used as a substitute for research or independent professional advice. MCAA offers these documents to the public as information guides only.

Terminology, techniques or technology mentioned in this document may no longer be applicable or up-to-date and the reader is cautioned to draw only limited inferences therefrom and should, at all times, bear in mind the length of time that has elapsed since the document in question was first developed. The reader is further cautioned to use or seek professional advice before using or implementing any of the information contained in these information guides.

MCAA makes no representations, warranties or guarantees to the reader with respect to the content, accuracy or completeness of this material and strongly cautions the reader to use these documents as an information guide only. MCAA disclaims any warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to, an implied warranty of accuracy or fitness of the document in whole or in part, whether in text, graphs, diagrams or otherwise.

MCAA is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to any person as a result of the use of any information contained in this document. The user assumes all risk and liability for any loss or damage caused to any person as a result of the use of the information contained herein.