MCAA | Proud Manufacturing Members


Manufacturing members include companies that manufacture or assemble process controls, measurement and analysis instrumentation, factory automation systems and software for sale or distribution around the world.


Channel Partners

Channel Partner members include companies who distribute process controls, measurement instrumentation, and factory automation systems and software. Members are manufacturer’s representatives, stocking distributors, catalog companies, architectural and engineering firms and systems integrators.

MCAA | Proud Associates


Associate members include companies who provide services to other members including market & personnel consultants, channel & distribution consultants, merger & acquisition agencies, communications consultants and trade publications.

  • I get a lot of value from the networking alone. The individuals that you get to meet are all faced with similar challenges and being able to share resources and thoughts around different problems and issues is always of great value. The organization provides pieces of information I find critical to managing my business. The Operating Benchmarks Report (OBR) allows me to understand where I stack up against similarly sized manufacturers. The salary survey gives me an idea of whether I’m paying competitively based on region and skill set. The monthly flash bookings report gives me an idea where my rep returns are heading compared to the rest of the industry.

    Todd Thompson President, Thompson Equipment Company
  • MCAA actually packages information to job categories that are pretty unique to our industry. Over the years we’ve seen those job surveys expand and provide good information and good insight. I enjoy reading the small surveys and things that just pop up from the membership as a need for information on a particular topic. What’s happening in bus community? What’s happening in the approvals community? What are some of the people doing in order to take advantage of opportunities or respond to changes in that space.

    Dan McQueen President and CEO, Fluid Components International
  • Each year we get a market forecast at the Industry Forum for the sales of process instrumentation and the projections for what is expected to come in the future. We use that for our planning and our expectations of next year’s sales.

    Dave Wolfe President & COO, Acromag Inc.
  • What we find most valuable about MCAA is that it is the only organization of which we are a member that is focused on the instrumentation and automation industry. We find value for each of our functional areas with the industry benchmarks and our ability to measure our own success against our peer companies, and also the ability to network in regards to new opportunities and new technologies.

    Mike Waters President and CEO, SOR, Inc.
  • We have reached out to a couple of industry associations to look at their reporting. It is clear that the integrity and the consistency of the MCAA reports are far superior to the others. For our analysts, having confidence in the data contained in a report makes all the difference. Nice Job.

    Craig Correia Head of Process Automation, Festo
  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction and ISO certification demand that we develop mechanisms for customer feedback. The MCAA Customer Satisfaction Survey offered an opportunity obtain feedback without excessive resource commitment. The survey was prepared efficiently, the data results were useful and the teleconference review of the results was most enlightening.

    Gordon Arnold Retired, Chairman, Sierra Monitor Corporation
  • We were impressed by the professionalism of MCAA, the customer response rate, the thorough design of the customer satisfaction survey as well as the industry benchmarking information.

    Brian Yeich Sales Support Manager, Phoenix Contact Inc.
  • The MCAA Customer Satisfaction Survey allows the customer to really give his uninhibited feedback since it is given to an intermediary. The most important factor is that we can compare ourselves to the industry, see how we've improved one year to the next and better track our goal to become known as a company with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

    Robert Senk Director of Operations, KROHNE Inc.
  • Membership in the MCAA will allow Automation Service to compare ourselves to the industry and better track our continuous improvement goals. We believe that the MCAA research and benchmarking tools will help us to better serve the needs of our customers and enhance our focus on customer satisfaction.

    Stan Carr President, Automation Service
  • The Customer Satisfaction Survey data is formatted and presented in such a manner that it is easily understood which makes it easy to share across all levels of our organization. The format has also been reviewed and complimented on by our 3rd Party Quality Management System Registrar. We value the survey and especially the questions that encourage customers to write in comments, suggestions, and concerns. This program is a valuable tool which is critical to our process.

    Scott Neprud Quality Assurance Manager, Teledyne Hastings Instruments
  • Great job supporting the MCAA membership with webinars that are efficient, informative and professional.

    Dan McQueen President, Fluid Components International LLC
  • The MCAA Industry Market Forecast is a key resource provided by the Association.  It includes good data sets and is broken down into useful industry segments and technologies.

    Dan Upp Divisional Marketing Director, Ultra Electronics/Aerospace & Infrastructure Division