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Fieldbus Equipped Instrumentation - Part One | Resources From MCAA Member Flow-Tech Inc.

Autonomous control and digital instrumentation are two capabilities enabling highly precise or complex execution of process control functions.

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Fieldbus Equipped Instrumentation - Part Two | Resources From MCAA Member Flow-Tech Inc.

Since automatic control decisions in FOUNDATION fieldbus are implemented and executed at the field instrument level, the reliance on digital signals (as opposed to analog) allows for a streamlined configuration of direct control system ports.

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PLC vs. PAC | From Arnold Machine Inc. Blog

PLCs and PACs are similar as they both perform the same essential functions. With modern technology, their differences are becoming more blurred. The most notable difference between PLCs and PACs is their programming interface.

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Economic/Market Sources
INTERKAMA – The Premier Instrumentation Exhibition in Europe
Moody’s Analytics – Formerly The Dismal Scientist
Plastics Technology – An overview of projects and other events in the plastics industry
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – Especially useful for “Economy at a Glance”
U.S. Census Bureau – Especially useful for “Latest Economic Indicators”