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  • Loy Instrument, Inc.

  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Telephone: 317-890-0474
  • https://www.loy-instrument.com/
  • Founded 1937
  • Member Since 2023

    Manufacturer’s Representative | Stocking Distributor | Systems Integrator

    Territories Include:

    Loy Instrument, Inc, – Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan

    KromAmericas – All of the United States and Canada

    Principals Include:

    • Honeywell Smart Energy Thermal Solutions
    • Honeywell Smart Energy Thermal Solutions – Kromschroder
    • Honeywell Process Measurement & Control
    • Honeywell Analytics
    • Schubert & Salzer Process Valves
    • M-Systems Signal Conditioners
    • SpecView SCADA Software
    • Turtle Tough Analytical
    • ecom Combustion Analyzers
    • Precision Digital
    • Fireye Combustion Controls

    Loy Instrument, Inc. was established in 1937 as a privately-owned organization serving the process control market. Our hands-on approach proved to be what our customers wanted back then, as well as today. Since that early beginning Loy has strived to understand the customer’s processes in order to recommend the best solution. A combined 500+ years of in-house process control/combustion experience gives our customers the benefit of working with a company that has been there, and done that. Loy knows and understands the engineering, processes, product quality, and service concerns of our customers. That’s who we are!

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