Digital Marketing & Social Selling Coaching Series

More than ever, growing your partners and customer loyalty to brands is essential. The importance of a trusted digital presence builds a better customer experience and retention. This new coaching series, led by Tanya Donnelly, President of Canobie Landing, includes 6-months of webinar training and downloadable materials to help grow your business.

This program is included in all memberships at no additional charge. Use the registration link below for your private recurring Zoom link (please do not share your link with others). We have 500 seats available and are monitoring registrations closely. Also, block your calendar for the session dates so you don’t miss this critical coaching series.

Session 1 – June 13

Learning Objectives:
Participants will learn about closed-loop sales marketing principles, which involve using pre-existing marketing content, social engagement, and sales strategies to close more leads. The coaching will help you identify digital marketing goals, techniques to achieve them, and templates for later use for turning cold calls into warm calls. We will also discuss best practices to track success.

Session 2 – July 11

Learning Objectives:
Participants will learn about the benefits of short videos in reaching new audiences, how to plan and execute authentic videos, and how to optimize video content for different social media platforms. The training will cover different types of video content, such as explainer videos, product demos, and behind-the-scenes footage, and provide tips on how to make videos engaging and visually appealing. Real-world examples will be shared.  Participants will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned and create their own short videos. They will receive feedback from their peers to improve their skills and produce high-quality video content.

Session 3 – August 8

Learning Objectives:
Participants will learn about the latest updates and trends in social media platforms, such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The training will cover topics including changes in algorithms, new features, and emerging trends that can impact social media marketing strategies. In addition, you will gain a solid understanding of AI technology for digital sales. This training will equip participants with the skills necessary to stay up to date with the latest trends and predictions for what to watch for.

Session 4 – September - December | There will be a total of 4 Lessons to complete this Session

Sales professionals have a unique skill set. This series of lessons will help increase your credibility, nurture leads, and close 20% more deals.

Learning Objectives:
• Social Media Guidelines, LinkedIn Profile Overview
• Getting Started: 10 step guide to building a LinkedIn profile for engaging with customers

Learning Objectives:
• Social Media Triggers for Connecting, Community Growth, and Collaboration

Learning Objectives:
• How to leverage likes, sharing, and comments to grow engagement and what metrics to measure
• Routine change for continued progress and how to find the time

Learning Objectives:
• Direct Messaging – Conversation starters to get responses
• How to nurture leads through LinkedIn to generate warm calls

Series Coach

Tanya Donnelly | President
Canobie Landing LLC

Full Bio

Tanya is a seasoned Senior Executive and Entrepreneur with over 30 years of success leading business process re-engineering, business transformation, and staying up-to-date with technology changes for B2B organizations in various industries such as manufacturing, energy management, technology, energy & chemical, food & beverage, mining & minerals. She has a global reach and is an expert in helping established companies drive growth and expansion through comprehensive process transformation strategies.

Tanya’s extensive experience and constant desire to learn and improve areas such as sales, product development, marketing, supply chain, customer care, HR, and IT, provide highly skilled consultants who can offer comprehensive solutions to organizations seeking to optimize. Additionally, in 2022, Tanya was elected as a State Representative to the NH House of Representatives, showcasing her dedication to making a difference in her community.

Overall, Tanya’s wealth of knowledge, extensive network of experts, and experience make her organization an excellent consulting firm for organizations seeking to transform their business processes, enhance their technology, and drive growth and expansion.