Dr. Peter Martin

Peter G. Martin, Ph.D.

Vice President, Innovation and Marketing
Schneider Electric, Process Automation Business


Dr. Peter Martin is a recognized leader and innovator in the field of automation and control. He has authored three books, co-authored two, has been a contributing author for three more, and has published dozens of articles and papers in the field of automation and control. He holds or has pending multiple patents in the areas of real-time business measurement and control. He was recognized by Fortune as a Hero of U.S. Manufacturing; by Intech as one of the Fifty Most Influential Innovators in Control; by Control as a member of the Automation Hall of Fame; and received ISA’s Life Achievement Award.

Martin has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, from Nasson College, a Master of Science in Mathematics from the University of Rhode Island, a Master of Arts in Administration and Management from Columbia Pacific University, a Doctorate in Industrial Engineering from the University at Heriseau, as well as a Master and Doctorate in Biblical Studies from Newburgh Seminary. He is a longtime resident of Carver, Mass.

MCAA inducted Peter Martin into The Measurement, Control and Automation Hall of Fame in April 2018 in The Woodlands, TX.