It should be clear to anyone who has stopped into this section of our website that I am pretty bad about blogging. I don’t like to talk to hear my own voice and I cannot be bothered to read the ditherings of other people just because they are supposed to write something on a regular basis. Having said that, I know that there are many issues that float out there about which I have insight or input. And so, I have committed to myself as a 2014 Resolution, that I will make a meaningful blog entry at least every month.

So I am starting early as I clean off my desk for the coming year. I came acorss a note I wrote after I read Dow Chemical Chairman Andrew Liveris’ book Make It in America. I read the book because incoming MCAA Chairman Todd Lucey mentioned it and I am a believer in America. I’m not going to reprise the book for you. Its an easy read. Buy it or read it in one of your electronic devices. My notes (which now I can toss out) are written in large letters–which usually means I am excited and want to remember the passion–were these:

1. MCAA’s members need to read Make it in America!

2. MCAA’s members need to become apostles of Liveris’ message.

A. They are manufacturers and will benefit from a more robust manufacturing community in the US.

B. Their primary customers are manufacturers. So they need to encourage the creation of more manufacruring (especially advanced manufacturing) in the US. marketplace.

3. We need to encourage “manufacturing” as a course of study at community colleges, universities and business schools–not just engineering but manufacturing.

I have more thoughts about Liveris’ book–but, go read it and comment on my blog.