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  • Lawrence, MA
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  • Founded 1988
  • Member Since 2005

    Hawk Measurement Systems

    Established in Melbourne 1988, HAWK is now a global market leader in innovative technologies for pipeline leak detection, perimeter security, level measurement, positioning and flow solutions.

    HAWK develops and manufactures measurement solutions based on different technologies such as, fibre optic sensing, acoustic wave, ultrasonic, microwave and radar.

    The company has a distinguished record of success in the application of pipeline leak detection, perimeter security, level, positioning and flow measurement technology, and the provision of expert services which range from the provision of instrumentation and technical assistance, through to implementation and ongoing asset management.

    HAWK’s products and services include:

    • Fibre optic leak detection;
    • Fibre optic perimeter security;
    • Acoustic wave level measurement;
    • Guided radar level measurement (interface);
    • Laser level measurement;
    • Radar level measurement;
    • Point level measurement (liquids and solids);
    • Flow measurement technologies; and
    • Acoustic wave level for muds/solids interface


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