Channel Partner Bookings Report


Executive Summary:

July 2019 bookings increased by 0.7% when compared to June for an aggregated total of $91,582,212. The annual rate-of-change shows bookings are still above year-ago totals but are slowly declining. This suggests the continuation of the cautionary growth business cycle. However, the leading indicators are showing a positive trajectory which signals improvement in the next 3-6 months. Watch future reports closely.

In addition to the trend data, the report includes the ITR Economics summary focusing on US Private Sector Employment.

Monthly Bookings Report Include:

  • Table and  graph formats providing greater detail for reporting groups
  • 3/12 Rate-of-Change data to compare current data to the same period one year ago
  • 12/12 Rate-of-Change data to remove seasonal variation and derive the underlying cyclical trend
  • Business Cycle Analysis which provides a forward look into a 3-6 month period
  • Management insights & opportunities for key industries provided by ITR Economics

Publication Schedule: Reports published between the 20-25th of the month