Monthly Bookings Report

We’re sorry, but your company does not participate in this program and you do not have access to the results. However, the program is included in your company membership and there is NO FEE to participate.

Please contact Andrea Ambrose, Director of Member Resources at (757) 258-3100 X203 or email for participation details.

Business Graph Output Growth Of Silver Bars

Monthly Bookings Report includes:

  • Aggregated totals for domestic & export bookings (Canada and Rest of the World)
  • 13-month trend line for companies under and over $50 million in sales
  • Monthly trailing average for both reporting groups
  • Expanded executive summary with aggregated data for all participants
  • New table and  graph formats providing greater detail for reporting groups
  • 3/12 Rate-of-Change data to compare current data to the same period one year ago
  • 12/12 Rate-of-Change data to remove seasonal variation and derive the underlying cyclical trend
  • New Business Cycle Analysis which provides a forward look into a 3-6 month period.
  • Management insights & opportunities for key industries provided by ITR Economics
  • Interactive Excel workbook for tracking your data against that of the group performance

Publication Schedule: Reports published between the 20-25th of the month