Quarterly Products Report

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Reporting Categories

Field Measurement – Electronic Transmitters
Differential Pressure (flow & flanged) Transmitters
Pressure Transmitters
Temperature Transmitters (DP, Pressure, and Temperature categories show Smart vs. Traditional types)
Temperature Sensors and Accessories

Volumetric Flowmeters
Vortex Shedding Flowmeters
Magnetic Flowmeters
Turbine Flowmeters
Ultrasonic Flowmeters
Positive Displacements Flowmeters
Rotameters/Variable Area Flowmeters

Mass Flow Flowmeters
Coriolis Types
Thermal Types
Head Flowmeters

Electronic Level Instruments
Electronic Point Level Switches
Capacitance/Reluctance Level Measurement
Radar/TDR Level Measurement
Ultrasonic Level Measurement
Other Electronic Level Measurement

Mechanical Level Instruments
Mechanical Point Level Switches
Tank Gauges/Mechanical Level Measurement
Other Mechanical Level Instruments

Analytical and Specialty Measurement
Process Chromatographs
Infrared/Ultraviolet Analyzers
Oxygen/Combustibles Analyzers
Moisture Analyzers
Environmental Hand-held Analyzers
CEM Analyzers
Other Gas Analyzers
Conductivity/Resistivity Analyzers
pH and ORP Analyzers
Holders and Electrodes
Other Liquid Analyzers

Pneumatic/Mechanical Products
Pneumatic Transmitters
Pneumatic Panel Board Display and Control
Traditional Direct-Connected Instruments

Display and Control/Digital Display and Control Systems
Computer Hardware/Workstations/Servers
Control Stations
I/O Subsystems and Gateways
Systems Software
Project Services

Electronic Display and Control Products
Direct-Connected Indicating Controllers
Electronic Panel Display and Control
Strip Chart
Circular Chart
Multipoint Paperless/Video
Mass Flow Computers

Final Control Devices
Control Valves (linear & rotary)

Other Bookings
All Other Instruments
Spare Parts for All Products
Repairs, Maintenance Services, Training
Field Calibration Equipment

Report includes:

  • 8 quarter trend for 55 products in 7 major categories
  • Data reported is booked in the US or Canada for use in the US or Canada
  • Linear trend line analyzes bookings as reported and shows the rate of increase or decrease over the 8 quarter period
  • Rate of Change data:
    3/12 (quarterly) – illustrates the seasonal changes inherent to the data series.
    12/12 (annually) – removes seasonal variation in order to derive the underlying cyclical trend.
  • Business cycle analysis for each product category and individual product were sufficient data is available. Using the same methodology as our partners at ITR Economics.

Reports published 45 days after the end of the quarter