As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday let me offer all of you who make up the Measurement, Control & Automation Association–our the dedicated members of the Board of Directors and all the rest of our burgeoning membership–my personal note of thanks. As you know I’ve seen my share of holidays during my 36 year tenure with the organization. Never have I felt more grateful for the contributions of so many people to making this organization more proactive, more visible, more effective. We hear all the time from members who have saved money (through our Hoover’s Contact Lead List group purchase which has saved folks $4,000 and up!) or time (doing all the heavy lifting on surveying your customers or channel partners so that you can get the input you need to make strategic decisions. We’re in the midst of a review of our bookings reports and I’m grateful to the members who have let us know how we can strengthen those marketing trend reports which are the backbone of our benchmarking efforts for member companies.

Always I am grateful to the magnificent staff who surprise me every day with their dedication and enthusiasm. Right after these holidays we will welcome our sixth team member–Brent Holliday will join us to lead our marketing communications efforts and help us spread the good news about MCAA!

I wish you a Thanksgiving heaping with good friends, family, football, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and (my personal favorite) pumpkin pie!