Welcome to my Blog. As you can see from the picture, I am not someone who’s grown up in the computer age. My first thought when I was told “you should do a blog” was that it might be clog dancing in a marsh (blogging). I get “media”—I was an English major in school. But I don’t really get “Social Media.”

But I do like the notion that I can talk directly to folks in the industry about what I am thinking and hearing about the marketplace, the players, the issues, the opportunities. Mostly for the past 30 plus years I have stayed in the background: writing newsletters, planning meetings, working with the Board, balancing the books, creating new programs to serve the industry. But I love to write so this opportunity appeals to me.

My plan is to update this Blog on a weekly basis. If something jumps up that should be put out there, I will jump up and put it here. If you have comments about anything that is going on in MCAA or in the process control industry, shout out to me. I will respond.

We will follow rules of civility and decency here, of course. Don’t call out your competitors and I won’t mention company names … just trends. There are plenty of folks you can read for dish on companies.

I’d rather talk about things that are happening within the Association that could help your company grow, prosper, know more, know it faster, sell it better, have a better relationship with your customers and/or your channel partners. If I hear about new opportunities, or business ideas I’m going to pass them on. I am going to pull from the brains of our Legacy Group who are all past chairmen of the Association and give you some of their thoughts about how the industry is changing and maybe mention some things that you haven’t thought about that could help you look at the marketplace differently.

I’ll be grabbing the thoughts of folks who speak at MCAA meetings and passing them on and commenting as well. If you have some ideas for topics you’d like me to weigh in on … well, I’ve never been afraid of my own opinion. Bring it!

So here we go … measuring moments into the future.