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Instrumentation Trends in an IIoT World: A suppliers View - Insight from a panel of MCAA member executives

As process control evolves, the need for instrumentation to evolve as well becomes critical. Instrument suppliers are now faced with the challenges of which trends to choose, how to implement them and how best to adapt their organizations to an ever-changing industry.  With the advent of IIoT and wireless, instrumentation suppliers must provide products that offer more customer value in an IIoT world.  The challenge facing these suppliers is how to move from a provider of equipment, to more comprehensive solutions-based measurement.  On April 24, 2017, this panel explored these areas and provided some insight into their view of the marketplace and how they are facing these challenges head-on.  The panelists (Hunt, King, Micheroni and Neuburger) focused on three main areas:  Connectivity/Wireless, Security and building a workforce to use these devices.  They also looked into the future for our industry.

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Future Trends in Field Instrumentation for the Process Industry - Insight from Stephan Neuburger, KROHNE Group

Fast moving developments such as industrial IoT present new challenges for the process industry.  Basic requirements for safe and reliable plant operations must be fulfilled while new requirements emerge for a more flexible way to utilize and optimize production.  In-depth information about processes and devices will be key and must be delivered via a fast and flexible communication network that is the backbone for monitoring and optimization tasks.  On April 24, 2017, Stephan Neuburger, CEO of KROHNE, presented his thoughts about the current capabilities of instrumentation and a look into the future technologies that will address divergent requirements of customers.

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Simply Complex - Insight from Michael Davis and Matthew Carrara of Schneider Electric

Systems, processes, products, and even tax laws grow increasingly complex over time. Looking to nature, we can see how larger complex structures are better served if they are built from a few simple building blocks, a design called ‘Simply-Complex’. As the world embarks on the journey of the Internet of Things (IoT), everything will become even more complex than it already is. For industry, this means more data measurements, more control capability, more connectivity at every level. Simplifying fundamental components of any concept at the design stage will result in more agile systems and, ultimately, more value.

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Can A Machine Do What I Do? - Insight from Gordon Arnold of Sierra Monitor

Manufacturing, trade, globalization, and automation were major themes during the presidential campaign and are certain to be hot-button issues for the new administration. A Pew Research Survey conducted in the summer of 2015 found that 65% of Americans “definitely” or “probably” believe that within 50 years, robots and computers will do much of the work currently performed by humans.

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What's Going on in Industrial Automation? - Insight from Dr. Peter Martin of Schneider Electric | Invensys

The automation industry is continually seeking new ways to make automation solutions simpler and easier to implement, lower cost and higher value. Automation technology has reached the point in which system designs can perfectly fit the industrial operations and businesses.

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Cybersecurity Framework - Information from the Automation Federation and NIST

The Cybersecurity Framework 1.0 is an important document that can help MCAA members companies assess their own internal risk while, at the same time, understanding the needs and risks of their products used by customers whose businesses are part of the national’s critical infrastructure. Read an overview of the Framework and get a link to the complete document. The Automation Federation, of which MCAA is a member, was instrumental in the year-long process that produced the Framework.

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